Imagick resize filters comparison

So you want to shrink images with PHP and ImageMagick. Here's samples of all filters so you can select the one you like most.

Near every image there's an average time spent to make this picture. And there's an easy way to compare two neigbouring filters - just hit one "show/hide" checkbox several times in a row.

In case you want to make the same test with any image - here's a tiny app to resize any image to any width with every filter.

Original project by Bogdan Kolbik (urmaul). Updated by SoftCreatR Media, including all currently supported ImageMagick filters.

*NEW* An extension for WoltLab Suite Core 5.2 to select your desired ImageMagick filter for all resizing operations. Click here.

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scaleImage 10.6ms
point 5.8ms
box 8.7ms
triangle 14ms
hermite 13.6ms
hanning 22.7ms
hamming 28.3ms
blackman 32.6ms
gaussian 21.3ms
quadratic 22.6ms
cubic 13.1ms
catrom 13.3ms
mitchell 20.7ms
jinc 17.8ms
sinc 27.4ms
sincfast 23.5ms
kaiser 23ms
welsh 27.2ms
parzen 27.7ms
bohman 20.3ms
bartlett 28.6ms
lagrange 13.7ms
lanczos 18.4ms
lanczossharp 24.4ms
lanczos2 18ms
lanczos2sharp 16.8ms
robidoux 16.1ms
robidouxsharp 15.9ms
cosine 19.8ms
spline 14.9ms
lanczosradius 24.7ms
scaleImage 12.7ms
point 4ms
box 11.3ms
triangle 11ms
hermite 17.3ms
hanning 34.9ms
hamming 34.3ms
blackman 50.3ms
gaussian 17.7ms
quadratic 18.2ms
cubic 24.3ms
catrom 22ms
mitchell 19.6ms
jinc 37.5ms
sinc 38.4ms
sincfast 36.1ms
kaiser 44.5ms
welsh 30.7ms
parzen 43.9ms
bohman 42.6ms
bartlett 43.3ms
lagrange 19ms
lanczos 62.9ms
lanczossharp 25.1ms
lanczos2 18.6ms
lanczos2sharp 23.9ms
robidoux 27ms
robidouxsharp 25.2ms
cosine 30.2ms
spline 17.2ms
lanczosradius 27.1ms
scaleImage 20.7ms
point 7.8ms
box 11.9ms
triangle 20.4ms
hermite 18.9ms
hanning 66.4ms
hamming 151.5ms
blackman 52.5ms
gaussian 57.5ms
quadratic 21.8ms
cubic 38.4ms
catrom 33.8ms
mitchell 44.2ms
jinc 52.8ms
sinc 53.8ms
sincfast 52.3ms
kaiser 68.2ms
welsh 47.1ms
parzen 55ms
bohman 54.3ms
bartlett 61.6ms
lagrange 40.1ms
lanczos 58.1ms
lanczossharp 46.5ms
lanczos2 38.5ms
lanczos2sharp 44.7ms
robidoux 33.2ms
robidouxsharp 33.2ms
cosine 54.7ms
spline 28.7ms
lanczosradius 43.6ms
scaleImage 7.5ms
point 7ms
box 5.2ms
triangle 8ms
hermite 6.5ms
hanning 17.2ms
hamming 23ms
blackman 11.2ms
gaussian 8.2ms
quadratic 10.4ms
cubic 10.5ms
catrom 12.9ms
mitchell 8.8ms
jinc 18.2ms
sinc 13.9ms
sincfast 17.9ms
kaiser 12.8ms
welsh 11.5ms
parzen 30.4ms
bohman 11.7ms
bartlett 13.2ms
lagrange 11.2ms
lanczos 11.8ms
lanczossharp 9.7ms
lanczos2 7.2ms
lanczos2sharp 10.1ms
robidoux 15ms
robidouxsharp 8.6ms
cosine 10.4ms
spline 9.7ms
lanczosradius 14.9ms